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The Kentucky Medicaid Program provides medical assistance to individuals meeting income, resource and technical eligibility requirements. The income limit and resource limits for an individual is 217.00 for income per month and 2,000 in resource amounts.

The spenddown program provides a time limited medical assistance to individuals. Eligibility is determined on a quarterly basis of the month of application, three months prior or two months subsequent to application. Medical expenses incurred during the quarter may be paid for by the spenddown card.

A spenddown card is a time limited KY Medical Card. A formula is used by Community Based Services to figure out the quarterly spend down amount. For example:

Monthly unearned income $500
KY Medicaid standard for one -$217
General exclusion $20
Monthly spenddown amount $263
Medical Expenses $7,024

Eligibility begins on the day the individual applies for the spenddown. Application must be made as soon as possible before or after bills are incurred. In this case, the individual will be responsible for paying $263.00 of his/her medical bills, and the card would cover $6,761.

Call Community Based Services at 246-2085 for additional information.

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